Fried Marinated Artichokes with Remoulade

by yearoffood

Fried Marinated Artichokes with Remoulade From Lidia’s Italy in America by Lidia Bastianich

What do you mean the fishermen didn’t catch any crab – that doesn’t work into my dinner plans at all.  I was so excited to make crab cakes last night but as they say “The fish just weren’t biting” and the crab fisherman came home empty handed.  Wow, I guess I will just  have to think of fresh local fish as not being a sure thing.   I still made the sauce but had it with an appetizer instead.  The  Remoulade sauce was delicious and the little  fried artichokes were great.  Lidia says this is the ideal recipe to serve when unexpected guests arrive and all you have is a can of artichoke hearts in the cupboard and beer in the fridge.  I think it might even be better with artichoke hearts that aren’t marinated – next time I will try some of each.