Dave’ Gourmet Barbecued Salmon Dinner AND Salmon roll sandwich for lunch

by yearoffood


This salmon was so easy and so very delicious.  After my wok buying trip to Chinatown (details when I get the thing seasoned and use it at least once) I wanted a simple, simple dinner.  Randy, from the Wok Shop mentioned that he loved to steam fish with just black bean sauce and a little ginger and it sounded great. On the way home I bought a salmon filet and proceeded to whip us a little marinade with black bean and ginger.  It didn’t really taste too great so I added soy sauce and then I thought it was pretty salty and still not too great. I was contemplating adding something sweet when I remembered a bottle sauce I had purchased on a whim a few days ago.  I took a small taste of Dave’s Gourmet Soyabi Sauce (soy, rice wine vinegar, sugar sesame oil, wasabi, ginger and garlic) and jumped for joy – what a great taste.  Very fresh tasting and very wonderful.  I brushed some sauce on the salmon and tossed it on the grill sprinkled with slivers of red pepper and green onions.  It was outstanding – a definite “9”. 


I always make extra salmon so I can mix up salmon salad sandwiches the next day.  I added a little mayo, a bit more of Dave’s sauce and sliced celery to the left over salmon and peppers and stuffed it into a toasted bun with lettuce – wow!  When I was a kid and visiting the East Coast we would go to Howard Johnson’s for fried clams and lobster rolls.  This was my version of the lobster roll and I loved it.