Chinese Scallops with Chili-Ginger Oil and Black Beans

by yearoffood

Chinese Scallops with Chili-Ginger Oil and Black Beans from Island Flavors by Sam Choy

In keeping with the black bean theme I found Sam Choy’s recipe for scallops and gave it a try.  I have really never had luck with scallops – I never seem to get the correct crispness on the outside- but these turned out great.    A “9”!!!  So nice to edge away from some good “8’s” and get a little closer to finding my Wok Hay masterpiece.  This recipe called for cooking the scallops and thinly sliced ginger for 2 minutes and then adding sliced red and yellow bell peppers and preserved black beans for 2 more minutes.  The scallops were lovely day boat scallops and they still weren’t cooked through so I dumped everything out and put the scallops back in the wok for a few more minutes.  Sam is right that this dish tastes as good as it looks served up on fresh spinach leaves.  Instead of preserved black beans I used my own black beans mixed with some Black Bean Sauce.  The stir fried ginger slices exploded with taste as you bit into them – how fun.  I will probably slice the ginger into even thinner slices next time.