Potato Salad Wars – American style or German?

by yearoffood

A newspaper recipe based on Julia Child
Mayo or not to Mayo – that is the question.  This simple recipe has been my very favorite potato salad for years and it is pretty much a blend of an American mayo style salad and a German warm vinegar salad.  Julia’s trick is to save some of the potato cooking water to mix with cider vinegar and then toss on the hot cooked potatoes before adding a mayo and Dijon mixture.  This allows you to have a lighter hand with the mayonnaise.  The only other ingredients are then added – chopped red bell pepper, scallions and chopped pickles.  You could add other things – hard boiled eggs, olives, etc. but I never do.  I love to serve this warm for dinner – last night it was with grilled Tri Tip – and often on a bed of crunchy greens – last night it was sunflower sprouts.  So delicious – I just love this salad and when I haven’t had it for a while I really crave it.  Always an “8 ½” for me.