Maile’s Kale Chips – My, My –My – So Good AND Fantastic Fritto Misto (Seasonal Tempura)

by yearoffood

Kale Chips – Really?  I would never have tried these if Maile hadn’t given me the easiest recipe in the world and assured me that they were fantastically delicious.   Wow – a definite “10” – what a surprise.   A potato chip like munch that was truly delicious and so good for you.  I had small just picked baby kale from Green Strings Farm which was very fresh but which had very small leaves.  For the recipe you simply cut out the stems, toss the leaves lightly in olive oil, put them on a cookie sheet and sprinkle lightly with salt.  Roast them in a low oven, 200 degrees, for 20 to 25 minutes.  That’s it.  My leaves were so small they almost fell apart as I picked them up to eat – but wow what flavor.  We munched them up in seconds – can’t wait to try them again with a larger bunch of kale.


Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi

The tempura, which I call Fritto Misto, was another winner.  The dipping sauce was sensational; the most amazing flavor! The recipe calls for 4 limes which I didn’t have so I had to substitute lemons for 2 of them.  Limes and lemons are really not interchangeable, especially when you want the tang and smell of limes, but that was all I had on hand and the sauce still turned out to be “out of the world”.   I loved the idea of using beets and other winter vegetables in a tempura dish.  The batter is perfect in texture and flavor and cooks up beautifully.  I butterflied some prawns to include and they were a nice addition.  Everything was really delicious but the beets and leeks were especially wonderful.  Snackman rated this as a “9” and it is a “9 ½” for me.  What a great night of food.