Kung Pao Prawns

by yearoffood

Kung Pao Prawns By Joyce Jue

Wow – what a success.  Snackman gave it a “10” and it was at least a “9” for me.  The dish looked beautiful and it tasted fantastic.   I found this recipe on line as I was searching for a place to purchase a wok.  I’m just finishing the book The Last Chinese Chef and I’m ready for a wok and recipes to try.   I threw out my old wok years ago as a rusty piece of junk that burned everything and haven’t cooked in once since.  Kung Pao Prawns are my long standing favorite Chinese takeout choice and I couldn’t resist giving this recipe a try.    The items were very easy to prep and of course the cooking took no time at all.  I used my large mineral pan that sort of looks like a wok and can take very high heat and it seemed to do the job.   I think the sides of a wok are supposed to be a different temperature than the bottom so you can push cooked food up on the sides as you toss other ingredients on the bottom.  I am not actually sure of this and so far my stir fry style is to just push everything around in the pan as I add each new ingredient.  My next book is The Breath of a Wok – Unlocking the spirit of Chinese Wok Cooking through Recipes and Lore by Grace Young – so I should know more soon.  It is such a beautiful book and I can’t wait to get into it.  Planning a trip to San Francisco Chinatown on Friday to explore and hopefully come home with a new wok.  Hopefully I’ve unlocked the wok spirit by then.

xoxo, Spicy Diva