Grilled Tuscan Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon AND Penne in Vodka Cream Sauce with Brussels and Bacon

by yearoffood

Kale chips are slipping in the polls – not as good as the first time I made them.  I think we prefer the smaller leaves as some of these larger leaves were very curly and didn’t really dry out and become as crunchy as I would like.  We still gobbled them up but just not the highlight they were yesterday.  I’ll definitely take a few days off and then try these again.

Penne in Vodka Cream Sauce with Brussels and Bacon
T’s take on Diane Phillips recipe

I’ve been thinking constantly about T’s’ Valentine Dinner for N and I couldn’t wait any longer to try it- so the sun choke soup is put off for another night.  The pasta was fabulous – a definite “9” (although I think T gave himself an “11” for this creation).  I’ve made the original recipe before and it was nothing to write home about but this version was such a delight.  Who would have thought that adding Brussels could make such a difference?   Thinly sliced Brussels sprouts sautéed with garlic and crisp bacon elevated the dish and made it a real hit.  I didn’t have fresh basil – that would have made it even more elegant.

Grilled Tuscan Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon
Great Fast Food by Martha Stewart

The chicken was quick and easy and it looked and smelled delicious.  Rosemary – you have to love it!  Cut a few sprigs from the yard, steep it in hot water, and then toss it in a blender with garlic and olive oil to marinate the chicken.  Basting with lemon juice as the chicken grills adds the finishing touch.   I don’t think I have ever made a dish with Rosemary that didn’t turn out wonderful. Snackman gave the chicken a 9” also.