Thai Stone Crab Tostadas

by yearoffood

Cakebread Cellars by Brian Streeter

Still crying a little because pomegranate season seems to be over, but so very excited that Dungeness crab abounds.  Crab dinners are definitely the most fun for me to make because of all the sweet little tastes I sneak as I clean the crab.  The tangy crab and cabbage slaw was wonderful.  Crazy, but the hardest part of the whole recipe was frying the wontons.  I had to throw away the first few because I just couldn’t get them to brown.  I ended up serving this as a salad surrounded by the crisp wontons – Snack Man took one bite and his first words were “8 Plus” – I agree.

I’m not sure the pictures do justice to the dishes – they look so good in the camera when I snap them but not always the best when I actually see them blown up on my computer screen.  Of course – I always have only seconds to plate the dinner, snap a quick picture and serve it up to eat.  Nothing like being a real food photographer with proper lighting, etc.  I do love some of the pictures but some are rather average.  I do think it is fun to see a picture with the notes even if it isn’t magazine quality.  It will probably be like my cooking – always just a chance that it might turn out great.