Pan Fried sole with Capers and Lemon

by yearoffood

Fast Entrees by Hugh Carpenter









Wonderful Again
This is a definite “go to again” recipe.  Petrale Sole was one of my dad’s favorite dishes and I think of him whenever I have this dish.  So simple to prepare-I love that you can coat the fish and then put in the fridge until you do a quick fry when you are ready to eat.  Snack Man and I both continue to give it a “9” every time I make it.  The other reason I love this dish is that the next day I always make fish tacos with the left overs.  I don’t know how I first decided to try the tacos because this is not the type of fish I think of for fish tacos – but it makes the most wonderful tacos.  I had them for breakfast and tossed it with some of the over cilantro yogurt sauce from last week.  I loved the tacos.  Snack Man opted for a regular granola and yogurt breakfast.  I guess morning fish tacos might be an acquired taste – but I am always up for them.

Hardly a cooking tip – but I did discover that rodents have teeth that never stop growing – that means they have to chew constantly to grind them down.  OK – so maybe they have an eating disorder but do they have to chow down on my squash inside my house.  I don’t think so.  My back door remains locked and barred each evening and so far all is quiet each morning.

xo, Spicy Diva