Italian Marrow Beans with Tuna

by yearoffood

Heirloom Beans from Rancho Gordo by Steve Sando

I loved this salad- just a few ingredients but such a flavorful result.  Instead of marrow beans I used a package of Alubia Blanca, small white, beans – heritage beans grown on small Mexican farms.  The Rancho Gordo-Xoxoc joint project promotes the continued farming of heritage beans on these local farms.   I cooked the beans in my gorgeous red clay pot and then made the salad.  The recipe warns you not to skimp on any of the ingredients and I didn’t.   I used local B.R.Cohn Tuscan Olive oil, B.R.Cohn Chardonnay vinegar, celery, sweet onion, celery, parsley and canned tuna.  The recipe suggests Italian or Spanish Tuna packet in olive oil but I used wild caught (dolphin safe) tuna packed in water and it was fantastic.  We had this salad for dinner last night with some crusty French bread and roast chicken for Snack Man.  This morning I grabbed a handful of cooked beans from the fridge and made a quick batch to pack in my backpack for lunch today on the trail.  High in the chaparral, this crunch bean salad tasted wonderful.   It’s not that the flavor of the salad jumps out at you – it just has the most amazing   fresh, clean and delicious taste.  I will definitely make this again – at least an “8”.  I asked Snack Man to rate it last night, but he had his mouth sort of full and just mumbled “yes!”  Of course today he can’t really dredge up that taste again to give it a numerical rating so I have to leave his rating as “yes”.

Off to clean crab – yummy – going to try the thai crab tosadas from Cakebread.  Hope all is well.

xo, Spicy Diva