Crostini with Bellwether Farms Ricotta & My Pan is Fixed!!!!!

by yearoffood

Ridiculously Rich Ricotta – Honestly I can’t even really describe how fresh and wonderful this cheese is.  I usually buy small containers of Bellwether Farms Ricotta from Sonoma Market that they have repackaged but yesterday I found something new for me.  Bellwether Farms Basket Ricotta – hand-dipped whole milk ricotta made from Pure Jersey Cow Milk that comes in packaged by Bellwether Farms.  Ok – the recipe – simply make crostini, top it with the ricotta, drizzle it with some honey and a small amount of lemon olive oil. Wow – the taste is amazing. It couldn’t be easier and the flavors together are luscious – sort of like you are eating cheesecake but that is probably misleading.  Anyway – a “9” for me and a definite do again.  By the way – the package has a recipe printed on it for Lemon Ricotta Pancakes – My Oh My that sounds good.  Of course Bellwether Farms is a local farm for me – have fun searching for one in your area.

Ernesto is a magician – my mineral pan is back to normal (Thanks to Barkeeper’s Friend cleaner).