White Bean Puree on Crostini – A Little Salty but very, very nice

by yearoffood

My first shipment from Rancho Gordo in my Year of Beans Club

I have joined the Year of Beans Club in its inaugural season and my first shipment arrived yesterday.  I will be receiving a box of various kinds of beans and a few surprises 4 times a year.   So exciting – this shipment contained a couple of heirloom beans that I haven’t tried yet.  I cooked up a pot of the Hutterite White Beans which I will use for a soup another day and today made a puree that was wonderful.  Recipe – put cooked white beans, roasted garlic, olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper in a food processor and puree.  Then add chopped parsley and serve on crostini.  Top the puree with toasted pine nuts and an anchovy fillet.  Now this either makes your mouth water or you think it is disgusting – depending on you love of not of anchovies.  I loved the simple but wonderful taste.  This recipe actually comes from a very friendly worker at the Napa Rancho Gordo store that told me her favorite way to use white beans.

Crostini is so easy to make and so good with all kinds of toppings. I always have a loaf of French bread in the freezer – I toss it in just in the paper wrapping – and when I want fresh French bread I take it out and defrost it quickly and it tastes like I just bought it.  To make crostini – slice the bread, brush on a little olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and cook for about 10 minutes at 350 degrees.  So easy and addictive.

Ratings – 8  I am not sure that 8 always means the same thing, but here it means that it was great and a definite do again periodically.

xo Spicy Diva