Dry Spiced Dal – What a Great Lunch – Definitely not my normal

by yearoffood

The Indian Slow Cooker by Anupy Singla
I made this recipe last night in the slow cooker.  No wonder every room reeked of strong spices.  I decided to cook the lentils, to be used in the Shepherds’ Pie recipe, in the slow cooker using a vegetarian recipe.  I choose one that would only take 2 hours as that was all the time I had.  I wasn’t too sure about the word Dry in the title – but went for it anyway.  Very easy to do and good.  At least I think it was pretty good last night but honestly with all the spices in the air I am not sure if I really tasted it.  I had it today for lunch and Wow it was wonderful.  A big bowl of warm lentils topped with Eggplant relish (I always have some kind of chutney in the fridge) and Paratha.  The back of the Paratha package says “a farm fresh taste reminiscent of the traditional roadside “Dhaba” restaurants of Indian.”  I can’t say how true that is but I definitely recommend having these wonderful stuffed breads in the freezer at all times.  Can’t wait to get back to the Indian Grocery in Rohnert Park to stock up.  Fun to have such a different lunch.  Also so glad that the house smells normal again – I mean I love those spices but they are pretty powerful.

xo Spicy Diva