Brussels Sprouts and Tofu

by yearoffood

Plenty – Yotam Ottolenghi
Utterly Delicious
So great – I loved the taste.  I am becoming sort of addicted to tofu (which will make N laugh) – especially in this delicious marinade.  I used a Serrano chili  instead of the red .  For me everything fit easily into the pan so I was able to cook all the Brussels at once, all the mushrooms at once and all the tofu at once.  Here’s my procedure to make this dinner rather quickly.
1. Whisk marinade and add tofu.
2. Put rice on and when it boils, cover and set timer for 20 minutes.
3. Cut up Brussels and put in bowl.
4. Cut mushrooms, chili and green onions and put in another bowl.
5. When 20 minutes is up, take rice off heat to rest and start frying.
6. Finish frying – add everything back into pan – add extra marinade and cilantro and serve over rice.

I almost think I have to give this a “10” again.  I will definitely make this again and maybe it will only be an “8 or 9” – but honestly it is such a novel approach to Brussels that I was completely won over by it.  I do have to be careful about labeling everything a “10”.

xo Spicy Diva