Black Cod with Clams, Chanterelles, and Fregola

by yearoffood

(Cakebread Cellars – Brian Streeter)
Elegant – Delicious – A Beautiful Dinner
Wow!!!  I loved this dish.  A definite “10” for me.  I used wild Alaska Salmon instead of Black Cod as it is out of season now.  I also used orzo instead of fregola since I couldn’t find it.   It actually took me two days to make this darn recipe and I almost just gave up.  The first day I made the Dashi and then used a box of couscous that turned out terrible – very un-fresh /weird herb taste – so I threw it out and put the Dashi in the fridge and had soup for dinner.  I did make it the next day with orzo instead and as I was doing it I couldn’t believe I even entertained the idea of a recipe that calls for 3 different pans.  Anyway – what a hit.  It not only looked so beautiful plated up but the taste was wonderful.   Elegant is the only way I can describe the look and taste of this meal.  Actually because I had the false start – I now would always make the Dashi and orzo a day ahead (or at least hours ahead) so that the mean isn’t really time consuming.   The next day I took left over salmon, left over orzo (I made quite a large amount the first day), shredded red cabbage, celery, dry roasted peanuts and tossed them with a miso dressing for lunch.  Wow – again.

xo Spicy Diva